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About Us

We are proud to announce that this year, 2016, is our anniversary year. Not only are we celebrating 30 years in this business, we want you to join us too. Therefore, throughout this year we are going to be offering special offers on our website, at our nursery and at shows. We will also be marking the occasion by treating us and you to a new website which will join our brochure website and online shop together to make one splendid hub of information.

Norfolk Herbs are growers and suppliers of naturally raised culinary, medicinal and aromatic herb plants, both wholesale and retail/mail order.

We have been growing herbs in Norfolk since 1986 and it is always nice when customers return and thank us for helping them to create a wonderful garden.

However, although we take pride in selling quality plants, the credit for their subsequent good health in your garden must go to the herbs themselves.

The simple fact is that these uncomplicated plants are easy to grow and their flavour, scent and beauty of colour will continue to flourish and give pleasure for years to come.

Norfolk Herbs started in the village of Wendling in 1986. The business was originally known as 'Mill Farm Pot-Pourri'.

We have been at our present site since 1992 and have grown into a successful, specialist Herb Nursery selling plants wholesale to garden centres, tourist outlets and farm or health shops all over the UK.
We also carry out contract growing for farmers with field crops for the fresh cut, medicinal and cosmetic industries, garden landscapers and large, private or public garden projects. In fact, we are pleased to help with planning and supplying herb plants to anything from a stately home to a village school; from wedding decorations and favours to an architect designed living wall or from a country pub kitchen garden to an inner city ‘grow your own’ project. Life is never boring!

At the nursery itself, we have a retail sales area, small herb garden and information point.

Visitors are assured of a warm welcome to our beautiful surroundings and we hope that they will enjoy their time spent browsing through our herb selection and learning about all aspects of herb growing. Alternatively, you may like to meet us at a variety of Shows that we enjoy attending throughout Norfolk. Details of these can be found on Events page of our brochure website

In 2005 we became founding members of the Norfolk Nursery Network which basically is a collection of specialist nurseries within Norfolk. All are experts in their chosen subject and, by coming together, each can recommend another in order that our customers can find the plant and expertise they are seeking. We are also all good friends and it is always nice to chat and keep in touch especially when some of us live and work in rural isolation!

In 2006 we made a considerable effort to add an online mail order side to the business ( Home Scent Herbs) and we are pleased to say that online trading has become a significant side to Norfolk Herbs.

In 2011 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Norfolk Herbs and we have no plans in stopping yet!!!

Our Surroundings

Our nursery is set in eleven acres. We are lucky to live in the middle of the Norfolk countryside. Farmland, woodland, meadow, rivers and lakes are all within a few hundred yards of our nursery and are home to a huge range of Flora and Fauna. We have been recording the wildlife seen on our land since we arrived in the early 90s.

We would love our visitors to enjoy the wildlife too.

You may be lucky to spot a Buzzard (becoming increasingly common here now) or a Barn Owl whilst standing on the sales area so keep your eyes peeled! In the Summer, you may be joined by young Flycatchers learning to hunt from a nearby perch. In the winter, watch for Little Egrets which often fly over or stand patiently fishing, along with the Herons, at the edge of the water meadow ponds. At migration times, huge skeins of Geese will fill the sky at regular intervals. An Osprey may visit the lakes nearby as it did a number of years ago and the appearance of the odd Red Kite or two is not an impossibility. A Bittern has been spotted and even Otters in the river can occasionally be seen along with our resident Kingfishers. Sadly, you probably will not have the opportunity to count the Glow-worms on a warm midsummer’s night or watch for Badgers on their nightly jaunts but you will almost certainly catch a glimpse of our brazen Rabbits (who are very partial to the odd herb or two), or even a Roe Deer (very partial to roses) and not forgetting the Muntjac (who will eat just about anything!)

The meadow is golden with Buttercups in the Spring and Common Spotted Orchids thrive in the Summer and mingle with purple and yellow Vetches, Red Clover and Bedstraw. Late Summer sees a haze of purple Knapweed and yellow Fleabane and all is grazed by our two rather elderly rescued donkeys.

We always try to keep a path mown through the long grass to allow visitors to go insect spotting – although not too close to the bee hives! Bees, of course, are in seventh heaven on the nursery as too are Butterflies. The surrounding water meadows bring forth a variety of Dragonflies and Damselflies and the grasslands hum with Grasshoppers at the height of Summer. Even on the nursery itself and in the polytunnels we are constantly watching where we tread because of the quantity of Frogs and Toads enjoying the warm, damp conditions. They do an excellent job of ridding us of more unwelcome bugs. That’s real life natural pest control for you!

We will update you of any news regarding the wildlife through twitter.