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Is the herb you want out of stock?

As you may have already read (on this page), we grow our herbs on the nursery using, where possible, natural growing conditions. Obviously, we may have sold out of a particular plant but there may be other reasons why a herb is showing as 'out of stock'.

Out of season
We will grow herbs in season. For example. Sweet Basil, a very tender annual, won't be available until late April/early May

Low in Stock
If we are low in stock of a herb we may not make it available to buy online. Just contact us and we are probably able to help

Winter Dormancy
Sometimes we don't offer winter dormant plants, even though we may have them on the nursery. It can sometimes be off-putting for you to receive a pot that appears to contain just soil and nothing else!

If you are unsure which of the three reasons this may be, each herb's product page has an availability guide - click the image below for an example.

If you think we should have a herb in stock, just let us know and we should be able to help.

How do I order a herb that is showing as out of stock.

If we have confirmed that we do indeed have the herb you wanted you can follow these instructions:

Purchase an available herb* from the shop and ask us to swap this one for another.

For example. We may be out of stock of African Basil. You could purchase a Mint instead and then then ask us to swap this Mint for the Basil. You can ask us to swap by typing in the 'Shipping Instructions' at the checkout or buy emailing us along with your name and order number.

*Please note that some herbs are vatable. Please choose accordingly.

Don't forget that we are not just a 'warehouse', we are professional growers who you can speak with directly.
If you would rather order over the phone and discuss availability, just give us a ring on 01362860812.