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Pre-order offer!

If you are looking to plant a Chamomile Lawn or a Germander (Teucrium) hedge this year, we can help.

We are offering help, advice and 10% off all pre-ordered plants for your Lawns and Hedges.
Availability and lead times will depend on time of ordering and 25% deposit is required. Balance to be paid prior to delivery.

Minimum quantity to qualify for 10% discount is: 45 plants or 100 plugs.

This pre-order offer will be available until the 28th February 2015.

Varieties available for this offer are:

Hedge Germander (Teucrium lucidrys) - available as a plant
Rock Hyssop - available as a plant
Lavender, Munstead - available as a plant
Lavender, Hidcote - plant
Lavender, Rosea - plant
Lavender, Grosso - plant
Lavender, Imperial Gem - plant
Chamomile, Double Flowered - plant or plug
Chamomile Treneague (non flowering) - plant or plug
Thyme, Creeping Red - plant or plug
Thyme, Albus (White) - plant or plug
Thyme, Wine and Roses - plant or plug
Thyme, Caraway - plant or plug
Thyme, Woolly - plant or plug
Thyme, Pink Chintz - plant or plug
Thyme, Creeping Lemon - plant or plug

Plant = available as our standard range in a 10cm pot
Plug = available as a small plug plant

If you would like to pre-order any of the above, please telephone us on 01362 860812 or use our contact form